Crackle Dresser

This dresser, originally green, was baby blue in my husband's nursery as a baby (circa early 1980s), then followed him to college at the University of Alabama when his sweet sister Karey spray painted it black. Now, I gave it a facelift and crackled it using Sherwin Williams illusions Crackle Medium with Behr's Polished Pearl (paint and primer in one, in Satin finish). I also added new Full Carat knobs from Anthropologie - in clear color. Ahhh, it's so much better!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the whole thing before black flat spray paint and really old plain black knobs and then see how it turned out after - I swear I need to take before pics but I get too excited and start my projects. Here's after:

Me encanta Anthropologie knobs and hardware....and bedding and clothing, candles, etc. :)

P.S. - I just noticed all the electric cords to the right and am sorry. This is my husband's side of the room which explains the cords and metal plate that I ask him to put all of his junk in. I'm working on training him to not plug rando things into outlets that are well putting his tools away, loading the dishwasher as I like, hanging up his clothes, etc. Ya'll understand, no?.....Smiles!


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