Old Wallpaper = My Enemy

Ok, for those people who think removing old wallpaper will be easy....I warn you, it is not. The wallpaper in my teeny tiny powder room (it's literally 3' by 5', maybe smaller) is a prime example. It's original wallpaper that was installed in 1979.

Since we're planning on putting up beadboard, I only have to remove about half of the wallpaper and its adhesive. One thing I didn't know is that it's much more difficult to remove adhesive once you've already peeled off the wallpaper on top of it. I finally got it all off last night but I now have to go back and sand the walls, fill the holes and dents I made with sheetrock spackle and then sand again.

Our other plans include:
  1. Painting the top portion of the walls a light green color
  2. Removing the tile and installing hardwood floors
  3. Putting up the beadboard and molding
  4. Installing a new pedestal sink and light fixtures
  5. Refinishing an old mirror to go above the sink
One problem I encountered yesterday was a leak from the powder room to the garage it touches. I'm not sure if it's from the steamer or due to all the soapy water I was using to wet the wallpaper adhesive, but I'm worried that it's ruining the sub-flooring beneath the tile. Oh no.....