Fall Wreath

Wow, I must be one bored pregnant lady! With Jamie gone for the weekend to hunt, I made this fall wreath out of brass tacks and a foam ring. It makes the brass hardware we still have in our home rather bearable actually. I got the idea via Pinterest. My bow tying skills need a little work.

From Paisley to Rhino

My guest bath once looked like this...

Now our guest bath is not so ugly. Just 2 towel bars to hang and I'll be done (well the painter and my husband will be done). Paint color is Rhino by Behr. Picked up some great towels from Target. New accessories, new paint, new fixtures, some sheet rock patches, and removing popcorn ceiling really make a difference...
Rhino by BehrThank God my husband is so handy and sweet for putting in the new faucet while the Braves were playing. Then, he put up my new light fixture after a long hot day at work.
Rhino by Behr

Guest Room Media Cabinet

I made Jamie rescue this sad media cabinet from the side of the road so I could redo it!
After... iPhone pic doesn't do it justice though.


Yea, I made that my post's title! Anyways, I should wait to post stuff when it's done but since it takes me so long to do anything, I'm posting the middle-status pics.

Here's the kitchen backsplash I'm installing:

Well here's the part of the kitchen I haven't done yet...
And then you see the stacks of tiles patiently awaiting their new home on my kitchen wall?! Yea, I was supposed to grout tonight and then storms moved into GA and I was worried power might go out in the middle of grouting. Excuse?....no!.......y....e....s........ Here's the rest of the ungrouted backsplash that I will grout by the end of April. Swear it!

Rugs for My Living Room

My living room (and I, too) really like these rugs from Home Decorators. Hope the hubs is reading...

Twin Bed Guest Room

Found these great prints at a local antique flea market for $6 a piece and hung them over the twin beds in the guest room. Although, they might be a little high. I really like how the traditional prints offset the modern headboards. Let me know what you think!

King Bed Guest Room

This second guest room sat empty for a year and a half...and now it's not! I still have to paint the walls, hang curtains, paint the headboard and refinish the bedside tables but at least there's furniture. Thanks to my Uncle Matt and Aunt Laurie for the king bed!

Breakfast Area Light Fixture Redo

Well, this is how this poor light started out in life...
Then it was installed (lights pointing down since its reversible) in my best friend Katrina's house. She decided it wasn't quite up to par with her design scheme so she replaced it with this...
Since she took it down, she gave it to me and then it lived in my garage for a few months (ok, more like a year)...
Now I've painted it, got new glass shades for it and it's gloriously hanging in my kitchen's breakfast area! TAAAAH DAAAAAAH...

Me gusta mucho. The light fixture was free due to my BFF's generosity. New glass shades cost $6.27 (each, so x 5 plus tax = less than $34). And 2 cans of brushed bronze Krylon spray paint cost about $6.00. So total for a Pottery Barn-esce light fixture cost me $40 (this was the look I was going for: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/cecilia-hurricane-chandelier/?pkey=cchandeliers). Which is a lot easier on my wallet than $400+!

Hope ya'll like it as much as I do! And thanks for stopping by My Roswell Home!