Old House Web

I love this site: http://www.oldhouseweb.com/

And I've found some helpful info on how to take on my first big task at the new ole house - removing the nasty wallpaper in all of the bathrooms. Grrrr. Wish me luck!


Preclosing Pictures of Our Home

This is the front of the house. When you walk in the front door, the formal living room is on the right, coat closet on your immediate left, stairs leading up to the bedrooms to the left, and kitchen straight ahead.

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us in the landscaping department. Lucky for me, James works in the landscape/building supply industry. We may have to take down some trees but whatever we cut down will be used either as mulch or for building materials. Our goal is to be as 'green' as possible in fixing up our house.

Here's some of the rest of our house:

Loan Approval

I got some exciting news today - I learned that I was approved for a mortgage! Now that I actually know that the house will be our's (my fiancé's and mine), I'm beginning to think about decorating, redesigning, remodeling, refinishing, etc.