"Projects Lately"

Jamie and I are going to see Chelsea Handler at the Fox this weekend.....so I'm in the Chelsea Lately mood! Anyways, here's some projects I've been working on lately...

1. We (a.k.a., Jamie and his dad) are so close to finishing the deck -- at least phase 1 of the new deck. Will explain phase 1 and phase 2 another day...but i have to stain and seal both anyways, since I haven't been able to build the darn thing!

2. I've painted the foyer, upstairs stairway and hallway, kitchen (as much as I can due to 16ish foot sloped wall/ceiling that I can't take on by myself), and I'm working on the sunken den. All spaces adjoin in some freakish way so they are all the same color, Sherwin Williams' Nantucket Dune in eggshell finish. I want to replace the old fixture in our foyer with something like this. My mom's decorator friend told me since the ceiling was lower, a flush mount would make the foyer look larger (as foyers are supposed to, I guess).

3. Still working on our powder room...since Jamie has been working so hard on the deck, I can't expect him to put in the toilet and sink in the powder room. Plus, I'm pushing for a new toilet. The old one has a crack in the, um something (uhhh, dunno), and has been sitting in my garage in a plastic bin since we removed it from the powder room around Nov. or Dec. when we installed the wood floors. Needless to say, it needs to go, especially because it's circa 1980s and my new pedestal sink that;s going in the powder room is circa a few months ago. (Can you tell I'm practicing my convincing convo with my husband??)

4. Still working on my guest bathroom.........omg. Need new lighting -- any thoughts on these?

5. Still working on my master bath. As I've posted before, I want to knock down walls and really remodel my master bath. I want to make it a whole room that's 7' x 9' instead of a separate vanity area open to our room with the world's smallest bathroom (something like 4' x 7'). But my husband has told me if I start anymore projects, he'll kill me. It's ok though -- I plan on making it look decent and then in a year, I'll start knocking down walls (hopefully Jamie doesn't read my blog, haha!

6. Planning on painting our master bedroom soon. I already bought the paint, Indulgent Mocha by Behr. 

The project list doesn't stop here though....I also want to lay tile to replace the linoleum in our kitchen (we already have the porcelain tile), put a backsplash in the kitchen, paint the kitchen cabinets, get a new stainless dishwasher and range hood, paint the dining room, and finish decorating the rest of the house. Let's not even mention what we need to do outside!


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