Red Twinkies for the Bedroom

I tend to get delirious at late at night when I blog...hence my post titles and random ramblings. Anyways, here's my newest project (1 of the mannnnnny). My mother gave me 2 twin headboards for Easter. I immediately painted them and the room they're going in. Here's the beginning of the process, starting with the inspiration of the look:

(Top image:; Bottom image: West Elm catalog - image taken with my new lil iPhone)

I love the color and design in the top image but the headboards are too heavy for me. I like the lightness of the headboards in the bottom image but my interior designer and best friend Katrina Hagensen said she'd kill me if I painted any other piece of furniture white, so I obey. By the way, I have to give her a lot of credit as she gives me the final ok and inspiration on most, if not all, of my decor ideas! I tell her the idea and she guides me thru it!

Anyways, here's how my project is going. Hope to post the room completely finished within a month! Left headboard is after, right is before:

Like all my construction!? We can't park in the garage or all the way in the driveway due all the projects taking place in the garage and because the trailer, which carried the wood that is now in the form of my new deck!! Going from 10x10 to 30x10 plus a landing to the driveway and more levels and stairs to be built is amazing. Pics and post for the new deck to come soon, but I'm too busy enjoying it and the nice Georgia spring weather!


ames726 said...

Sorry everyone - forgot to insert my images correctly! Please see images now and tell me what you think!


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