How To Transform Foyer Light

Inspired by Dwellings By DeVore, that was featured on Better After, I decided to redo this light rather than buy a new one. My husband will be very happy I'm not going to buy something else for him to install too! But how should I go about this??

Light fixture with glass thingies on it:

And the foyer fixture without the glass things on it:

What about painting it a blackish color and puting a simple shade like this on it? Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated!


Nicole @ the style hatch said...

Love the lamp shade idea! What about spray painting it Oil Rub Bronze by Krylon. I think it will look fabulous!


ames726 said...

Is oil rub bronze color you suggested black? I think I may have actually bought that already. I just can't start yet because I need my husband to take down the fixture. I tried but big spiders crawled out from the attic and I freaked! haha

Thanks for your comment!

Dreaminginlilies said...

I am redoing a light just like this and I decided to make the glass peices look like frosted glass using spray paint just for that purpose. I am also spray painting the brass parts with silver. I want to add a touch of flare by putting some draped beads or something of that sort to it. I will keep you posted!
Let us know what you decide to do as we'll;)

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